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The Paris of the East, a Chinese revolutionary hotbed, San Francisco’s sister city, China’s financial capital: Shanghai is or was all of these. Throughout 2010, you’re invited to explore the vibrant and intriguing character and culture of Shanghai through performances, films, concerts, exhibits and discussions around the San Francisco Bay Area. The unprecedented celebration, presented by dozens of diverse Bay Area organizations, demonstrates the region’s extraordinary relationship with China’s most cosmopolitan city. On the calendar are programs touching on Shanghai’s filmmaking industry, Jewish communities and history, music, Art Deco design, craftsmanship, urban development, fashion sense, contemporary art and other elements. We hope you enjoy the Year of Shanghai by the Bay.
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In the Media

Feb. 7, 2010 | San Francisco Chronicle, "Bay Area Shares Shanghai Expo Spotlight"

Feb. 6, 2010 | New York Times, "Two Cities, One Lasting Cultural Exchange"

Feb. 5, 2010 | San Francisco Chronicle, "Rawwr: Enter the Year of the Tiger"

Feb. 3, 2010 | San Francisco Chronicle, "Hot Tickets & Exhibitions!"

Press Conference, Jan. 19, 2010:


    KTVU Video

    KTVU Slideshow 

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Shanghai Celebration: A Year of Shanghai by the Bay

January 11, 2010, San Francisco, CA: San Francisco’s Sister City, the Paris of the East, a Chinese revolutionary hotbed, China’s financial capital, World Expo 2010 host: Shanghai is or was all of these. In recognition of Shanghai’s historic past and dynamic present, the San Francisco Bay Area will host Shanghai Celebration, a year-long festival exploring the intriguing development and character of the city through performances, concerts, films, exhibitions, stories, discussions and other special events. The festival, spearheaded by the Asian Art Museum and presented by more than 30 diverse organizations, demonstrates the Bay Area’s remarkable relationship with one of the world’s most energetic and cosmopolitan cities. The Shanghai Celebration calendar features programs highlighting Shanghai’s art, architecture, jazz, historic Jewish communities, Art Deco design, filmmaking industry, cuisine, high-rise urban planning, fashion and other elements. For the Shanghai Celebration program calendar and a list of participating organizations, please visit www.shanghaicelebration.com.

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Participating Organizations


    American Jewish Committee San Francisco Office in association with the Presidio Officers’ Club Exhibition Hall
    Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
    Art Deco Society of Northern California
    Asia Society Northern California
    Asian Art Museum
    Asian Culinary Forum
    Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco
    Chinese New Year Parade Committee
    City Club
    Contemporary Jewish Museum
    Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
    International Museum of Women

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Programs by Organization

American Jewish Committee San Francisco Office

February 7, March 21, April 29 | Jews in Modern China: Personal Stories and Reminiscences

February 24 - May 16 | Jews in Modern China

March 2 | Opening Event of the Jews in Modern China Exhibit

March 4 | Shanghai’s Jews – Art, Architecture and Survival

March 7 | Remembering Rena

March 10 | A Young Man in Shanghai: Troubles and Triumphs

March 14 | Founders of the Shanghai Jewish Community: The Sephardic Story

May 5 | Mah Jongg!


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