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Shanghai Celebration: A Year of Shanghai by the Bay

January 11, 2010, San Francisco, CA: San Francisco’s Sister City, the Paris of the East, a Chinese revolutionary hotbed, China’s financial capital, World Expo 2010 host: Shanghai is or was all of these. In recognition of Shanghai’s historic past and dynamic present, the San Francisco Bay Area will host Shanghai Celebration, a year-long festival exploring the intriguing development and character of the city through performances, concerts, films, exhibitions, stories, discussions and other special events. The festival, spearheaded by the Asian Art Museum and presented by more than 30 diverse organizations, demonstrates the Bay Area’s remarkable relationship with one of the world’s most energetic and cosmopolitan cities. The Shanghai Celebration calendar features programs highlighting Shanghai’s art, architecture, jazz, historic Jewish communities, Art Deco design, filmmaking industry, cuisine, high-rise urban planning, fashion and other elements. For the Shanghai Celebration program calendar and a list of participating organizations, please visit www.shanghaicelebration.com.

The cornerstone of the Celebration is the Asian Art Museum’s presentation of Shanghai, an exhibition that traces, through its visual culture, the development of China’s most fascinating city, from 1850 to today. Comprising more than 130 artworks, such as scrolls, garments, furniture, posters and installations, Shanghai will be on view from February 12 through September 5. For more information on the Asian Art Museum’s Shanghai exhibition, visit www.asianart.org/shanghai.htm.

2010 is a milestone year for Shanghai. It marks the 30th anniversary of the San Francisco-Shanghai sister city relationship, the oldest and one of the most successful sister city relationships between the United States and China. Over 150 projects have been initiated by the two cities since their sisterhood was formalized. Among the earliest San Francisco-Shanghai Sister City projects was the 1983 groundbreaking exhibition at the Asian Art Museum entitled Treasures from the Shanghai Museum: 6,000 Years of
Chinese Art.

“Our celebration of everything Shanghai is to honor our sister city relationship that has been going strong for 30 years,” said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. “The Shanghai Celebration showcases the cultural, artistic, educational and business ties that our two regions continue to strengthen.”

This year, Shanghai also hosts the World Expo, the largest international event after the Olympics and the World Cup. Expo 2010, running from May 1 through October 31, promises to be the biggest world expo ever. The Shanghai Expo estimates that more than 200 nations and international organizations and over 70 million visitors will participate.

“The World Expo 2010 is Shanghai’s coming-out party, the official debut as the city reclaims its position as a global powerhouse,” said Asian Art Museum director Jay Xu, a Shanghai native and the initiator of the Shanghai Celebration. “The Shanghai Celebration is timed to coincide with this prominent international event. As Expo 2010 brings the world to Shanghai this year, the Shanghai Celebration brings Shanghai to the Bay Area.”


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