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Shanghai Celebration


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Shanghai Celebration

The Shanghai Celebration is a year-long festival presented by San Francisco Bay Area organizations to honor the region’s unique and historic relationship with Shanghai. It features dozens of Shanghai-related programs throughout 2010, including concerts, performances, films, exhibitions, discussions and other special events.

The cornerstone of the Celebration is the Asian Art Museum’s Shanghai exhibition, which explores, through its art, the intriguing history and culture of one of Asia’s most cosmopolitan cities (on view February 12 through September 5, 2010). Both the Shanghai exhibition and the Celebration coincide with Shanghai’s hosting of the 2010 World Expo. For more information on the exhibit, visit http://www.asianart.org/.

San Francisco and Shanghai became Sister Cities in 1980, and over the past three decades, the kinship of our two cities has progressively strengthened and deepened. As a San Franciscan, I am excited and proud that our Sister City is hosting Expo 2010, an event that will draw the world’s attention to the great city of Shanghai and which in June will host a special “San Francisco Week” organized by the San Francisco-Shanghai Sister City Committee.

To commemorate this occasion and to honor the 30th Anniversary of our Sister City relationship, the Bay Area has organized the Shanghai Celebration. A year-long tribute, the Shanghai Celebration brings together a diverse group of over 30 institutions that share a common theme of cooperating with and being inspired by Shanghai. The over 50 programs presented throughout 2010 highlight the lively international character that defines both the San Francisco Bay Area and Shanghai. They promise to enrich, inform and entertain.

We hope you will take advantage of all the Celebration has to offer.


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